Safety Tips

Most break-ins are simple "crimes of opportunity."

Intruders will seek out the easiest opportunity to enter your property with the least chance of detection. While security system decals and signs are an effective deterrent, there are some other security measures that you take to better protect yourself and your loved ones.


  • Never leave a spare key hidden outside the house
  • Do not display your family’s name anywhere outside.
  • Use timer switches to turn on radios, lights and other appliances to make it appear that someone is around when your premises are unoccupied
  • Make sure that your telephone voice mail never implies that you're not home.
  • Always lock your doors and windows whenever you go out.
  • Make the house number on your home large, well-lit to ensure visibility by emergency personnel. 
  • Keep your house unobstructed to ensure accessibility by emergency personnel.
  • Report suspicious persons or vehicles to your local police.
  • Keep your garage door locked at all times.
  • Trim the bushes and trees around your house, leaving no where for a burglar to hide.
  • Install peepholes so that you know who it is before opening the door.
  • Make sure your valuables are stored and cannot be seen from a window
  • Test your system monthly to ensure it is operating correctly.
  • Keep your Monitoring Centre phone number and your pass code handy.
  • Keep anything that moves or sways such as hanging plants, pets, balloons away from a motion sensor..
  • Have your heating system checked yearly for CO emissions before running it
  • Never leave your car running when it is unattended for more than a few moments in a garage or other enclosed area, even if the door is open.       
  • And most importantly, NEVER display your pass code near the alarm keypad.